About us

Misuraa : Nxt Gen Offices

After spending more than a decade in the Furniture industry the founders incorporated Misuraa in 2014 with a vision of building more functional, ergonomic and aesthetically brilliant workspaces.

At Misuraa we firmly believe that success of an organization is by its people and without doubt peoples performance is driven by the comfort at their workspace. With this belief we are set out to redefine workspace designing by making available for our customers the best office seating and furniture from around the world.

With a young and dynamic team of professional who specialize in office seating & furniture, we are able to identifythe most apt products for modern offices. Also, with a well-managed inventory and a robust logistical set up we are able to achieve the best in customer satisfaction be it individual orders or orders through corporate or architects.

Misuraa : Nxt Gen Offices

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Challenging the status quo of stereotypical offices with innovation at core to make this world a better, healthier and beautiful place for all.


Constantly strive to bring the best in office seating and furniture from around the world for our customers.